Provide Rx Pharma is a specialty care pharmacy, born from the need to treat patients with chronic degenerative diseases whose treatment requires specialty drugs not available in traditional distribution channels.

We know how complex it can be for patients to find this type of medication and the level of stress it generates for them. That is why each patient is personally attended by their own "Case Manager" as part of his or her care. Our qualified personnel will accompany the patient throughout the treatment making the experience easy, friendly and providing the necessary information for his or her prompt recovery.

For the purpose of providing a comprehensive health service to the patient, Provide Rx Pharma maintains full coordination with the local medical physician, the hospital medical center, and the third payer (insurer). Our service guarantees the proper follow up of the prescription refill, the supply of the correct medications, and the timely and proper delivery of the medications.

It is important to note that adherence to the patient's treatment allows us to help the patient face the challenges of pharmaceutical care. By maintaining strict control through a clinical file, Provide Rx Pharma ensures the patient stays on track in refilling his or her prescription and that treatment is never interrupted.

With us, insured and private patients have peace of mind that they can acquire their complete prescription in a single place that always has their medicine available at competitive prices.